3DX Muzzle Brake

Thanks to Alex Ko of KO-TAC for the video. He makes hitting steel that fast sound easy.

3DX Muzzle Brake

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  • The first 3D printed muzzle brake available for commercial sale
  • World-class muzzle control on semi- and fully-automatic
  • 100% Inconel superalloy construction, Ionbond DiamondBLACK coating
  • Threading: 1/2x28RH for 5.56 x 45mm / .223 and smaller
  • Included: Installation instructions, crush washer
  • In stock and ready to ship (as of 1650EST 8-22-2014)

Now available exclusively with matte black finish using Ionbond's DiamondBLACK PVD coating

Bleeding Edge 3D Printed Tech

The world's first 3D printed muzzle brake was designed and crafted specifically for this new process. A radical, complex internal geometry, produced using a computer-controlled laser, is at the heart of the brake.

Chosen for duty use

Many law enforcement and elite military reviewers have called the 3DX the best overall performing muzzle brake ever tested. Several of these users have already adopted the brake for duty use. Our design reduces recoil, eliminates muzzle rise, and minimizes concussion. Plus, compared to competing brakes, the flash isn't all that bad.

Less Bang, More Clang

Get the steel targets ringing instead of your ears. Our innovative side- and forward-angled port design was specifically designed to reduce the concussion typically encountered with muzzle brakes. The device even works great on short (10.3in+) barrels.

8200 rounds and counting!

Our T&E examples have currently survived 8200+ rounds of semi- and fully-automatic firing with no performance degradation. The fully-dense, 100% Inconel superalloy construction lends itself to maximum durability for a lifetime of use. This material is as strong as steel and as corrosion resistant as titanium.

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3rd Party Unpaid Reviews:

"In my opinion (subjectively) one of the flattest shooting brakes of its size...minimal muzzle movement which is at least en par with a multi-ported competition brake. VERY little side to side movement. Not the best for flash, but it's not designed for that." Alex Ko, KO-TAC, from his video review

"The goods news is that there's nowhere near as much blast as a conventional brake, and there's a good degree of control." Iain Harrison, Editor in Chief, RECOIL magazine issue #9

"Neal sent me the prototype brake to try out, and I was very impressed. It worked as advertised, reducing felt recoil and muzzle climb more than the standard A2 flash hider...The real party trick of the brake, though, is the lack of a concussive blast coming from the ports. Traditional muzzle brakes produce a wave of exhaust gasses that annoy your neighbors at the shooting range, but Neal’s venting system redirects the gasses in such a way that there is no longer a concussion." -Nick Leghorn, writer, on his The Truth About Guns review

"First off, I'll say that it is the best comp/brake I have ever used. There is no comparison at all...muzzle rise is practically non-existent and the felt recoil is just a very light push...the rifle stays on target very easily for follow up shots. Muzzle flash was not too much of an issue. The brake also did not feel too "blasty". It was fun to shoot and very smooth. I have used many different comp/brakes, and most of the popular ones at this time...and this is hands down the best I have ever used." DS11B on his AR15.com review

"Looking at the brake up close, I was very impressed...As the shooter, it's very effective, the muzzle doesn't move...The [3DX] muzzle brake was much more pleasant than most of the brakes I've stood near. Flash suppression was near perfect for every 4 out of 5 shots (Federal throws a few fireballs)...The [3DX] muzzle brake is probably the future as far as brakes and cans go...After shooting the [3DX] at an indoor range, it's the first brake I would consider for HD use." Dave L. on his M4carbine.net review