Auxetik Muzzle Brake

Bleeding edge technology

The world's first 3D printed muzzle brake is designed and crafted specifically for this new process.

Excellence in performance

Our design reduces recoil, eliminates muzzle rise, and minimizes concussion.

An innovative solution for SBR's and pistols

Enjoy the benefits of a short firearm with less of the annoying concussion: our design was specifically designed to address this concern. The device works equally well on standard-length barrels.

Lifetime durability

The fully-dense, 100% Inconel superalloy construction lends itself to maximum durability for a lifetime of use. This material is as strong as steel and as corrosion resistant as titanium. Our T&E examples have survived 5000+ rounds of semi- and fully-automatic firing with no performance degradation.

"The goods news is that there's nowhere near as much blast as a conventional brake, and there's a good degree of control. In the open, I was hard pressed to tell it from an unbraked 16-inch carbine..." Iain Harrison, Editor in Chief, RECOIL Magazine

"Neal sent me the prototype brake to try out, and I was very impressed. It worked as advertised, reducing felt recoil and muzzle climb more than the standard A2 flash hider...The real party trick of the brake, though, is the lack of a concussive blast coming from the ports. Traditional muzzle brakes produce a wave of exhaust gasses that annoy your neighbors at the shooting range, but Neal’s venting system redirects the gasses in such a way that there is no longer a concussion." -Nick Leghorn, writer, The Truth About Guns

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Auxetik: The First 3D Printed Muzzle Brake

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Caliber: 5.56 x 45mm / .223

Threading: 1/2x28RH
Length: 1.75in
Diameter: 0.86in
-A2 flash hider external dimensions, with threads, bore, and external features machined after printing for concentricity to allow for suppressor attachment (all BATFE rules apply; please use peel washers or appropriate hardware if utilizing a suppressor)
-Fits all common AR-15 designs and many other pistols/rifles in 5.56 x 45 mm / .223 with threaded barrels
Weight: 2.5oz
Material: Inconel, a nickel-based superalloy
Finish: Matte (note: tan and black discoloration after firing is natural)
Included: Installation instructions, crush washer
IN STOCK and ready to ship (updated 4-10-2014)

Technical Details:

The Auxetik brake is fully 3D printed in actual Inconel metal. After printing, the brake is precision machined to ensure the bore is concentric to the barrel threads and safe to use. The brake features a hybrid linear/transverse gas flow using two expansion chambers. 3D printed internal linear gas vents, a Sintercore innovation, allow an amount of gas to meter out of the first expansion chamber and flow forward into the second expansion chamber. This provides increased concussion control for operator comfort. In addition, the external, transverse vents are biased forward, presenting additional concussion control, similar to a conventional linear compensator. These features are "beyond the line of sight" where a machine tool could not cut them and also feature wall thicknesses below 0.010" in key places. These features could not be made in a traditional machined, cast, or EDM'd part. Please see the image below to see some of these features.