Deadfall – Slide Charging Wings


The first aftermarket pistol slide charging aid that is optimized for EDC (everyday carry) and duty use, Deadfall delivers a modern, professional, and distinctive look for your handgun. The wraparound wings are shaped to provide significantly more grip and extra traction, especially important during adverse environmental conditions. Unlike a normal slide racker, the wings are slimmed to the exact width where the unit will not dig into your side or get caught on extraneous objects, and it is still compatible with popular duty holsters. Also, unlike skateboard / grip tape applied to the slide, Deadfall will not get caught on clothing or holsters, will not experience adhesive failure, and will not wear away your shirts and holsters over time.
Designed by a firearms instructor and USMC combat veteran with significant input from law enforcement officers, security contractors, firearms instructors, and everyday carry proponents. This product has been hard tested for duty use and was designed specifically as a more professional-looking and longer-lasting alternative to grip tape glued to the slide. Available exclusively in carbon fiber.
  • The Deadfall is currently being evaluated by Naval Special Warfare Command (SEALs). We hope they decide to adopt this product as standard issue. This evaluation does not constitute an endorsement by the military nor the individual operators. 
  • Adds significant traction when hands are dirty, wet, bloody, frozen, or when one's grip is otherwise compromised
  • Compatibility: Glock® pistols in 9mm / .40 / .357 and G43 (separately)
  • Weight: 2 grams, or approximately the same as a standard slide plate due to the carbon fiber construction
  • Width: Varies with pistol model, but approximately 5/64" added to each side of the slide
  • Holster compatibility: This product should not affect holster compatibility and works perfectly with Safariland® SLS and Blackhawk!® Epoch™ holsters that incorporate hoods, though we recommend you evaluate the potential for holster fitment issues before ordering
  • Drop tested, durability tested through thousands of rounds, and ready for hard duty in any climate
  • All edges are rounded and design is completely snag free
  • Made entirely of carbon fiber composite through selective laser sintering
  • This product replaces your slide cover plate and is non-permanent when added, and installation / removal takes less than one minute and can be done with a pen or similar pointed object
  • This product is not designed for racking the slide off your belt or pocket, as nearly all factory rear sights provide that functionality; please read description above for the rationale behind the design of this product
  • Lifetime, no questions asked warranty included
  • Law enforcement, first responder, military, and veteran discounts available


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