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Ambi aluminum upgrade for the 15-22!

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Tripwire 15-22 – Ambidextrous Charging Handle for M&P® 15-22 firearms

Pull straight back from either side of this ambidextrous charging handle and it will automatically unlock! This is the perfect aluminum upgrade for your M&P 15-22 rifle.

  • Weight: Less than 1 oz
  • Width: 2.54 in
  • Compatibility: 15-22
  • Handle: 7075-T6 aluminum, type 3 hardcoat anodized, with Cerakote Elite Series thin film ceramic coating
  • Latch: Engineering grade thermoplastic


Jens Hammer from The Loadout Room (complete review forthcoming):

“Awesome product. Very impressive Tripwire CH, and I’m not easy to impress. I review gear for a living and find lots of kit that doesn’t hold up…. Call me a true believer.”

Ben H. from Phoenix, AZ:

“Hi Neal, just wanted to give feedback on the Tripwire charging handle. I set up two rifles, one with the Tripwire and the other with the Raptor. I’m right handed, my left-handed brother joined me. We spent a few days in the desert putting lead downrange, and we both agreed that the Tripwire gives a better pull, and doesn’t dig into our fingers too aggressively, which the Raptor has a tendency to do. If you get another sale going on these, give me a heads up! I could use these for my other builds.”

Chris Earp from Red Hatchet Outdoors:

“It’s a simple part that functions as expected, it’s well made, and it’s light. […] It’s a totally ambidextrous, latchless, convenient little piece of work. […] I’m actually a big fan of the Tripwire 556 over more aggressively textured designs. It’s bulky enough to operate with gloves, and doesn’t chew up bare skin like the Fortis Hammer. There’s a minor convenience element as well: being able to charge the rifle from either side without pulling a latch is actually more useful than I would have initially imagined. It also won’t quit- it’s machined out of bar stock 7075-T6 aluminum, so it’s a tough sonofabitch. Try as I might, I couldn’t rattle it loose at all, so the friction lock works well.”

Chad Wallace from Firearms Insider Community:

“I found it to hold shut just as well as any other charging handle… I also slammed my unloaded AR against the floor numerous times to see if I could get it to unlatch, I couldn’t. And while doing this I could hear the bolt moving, so it passed my hold closed testing… I really like the design of the Tripwire. It is lightweight, quality machined[…] If you are looking for something other than the standard AR15 charging handle, give the Tripwire a chance.”

Nathan S. from The Firearm Blog:

“I am honestly disappointed I had to send it back. It worked well in my MIL-spec AR’s and is fully ambidextrous[…] Solid two thumbs up on the Tripwire.”

T.L. from Reddit:

“I have a Raptor that I had on my custom pistol build… Picked one of these up last time there was a sale on them.. and well.. the raptor handle is now a spare part in the safe.. I have 2 more builds coming up and will ONLY be using Sintercore.. Its a flawless function and for me aesthetically looks better.”

Jon H. from Allentown, PA:

“Just a quick update on the charging handle. I have put about 650 rounds through my AR since we last spoke and the charging handle has been wonderful! Not once have I considered changing it. Coming from the vz 58, it made the transition to the AR easier. On a VZ much like an AK you just pull on the bolt, no squeezing little levers and latches before pulling the bolt back. This was a problem I was having with the standard US GI latch and one the main reason I liked your latch. I could just pull and go. […] Awesome handle! Every future AR I get will be getting one of these handles. Keep up the good work and I am telling everybody I know about your products.” – November 2015

“I am not a power user per se, but I’ve got over 1000 rounds with the handle in (most of the strings were 5-10 rounds in a mag leading to many reloads) and it is incredible. […] I am looking at getting another charging handle as a gift. The last person that I gave one to loves the charging handle as much as I do and has mentioned it to me several times. […] Keep up the good work Neal and keep making these incredibly innovative products!” – April 2016

“I’ve got almost 3500 rounds through my AR with the charging handle in and countless pulls with dry fire practice and still running strong. It just works and works well. Works great for shooting off hand especially. Keep it up! I’m still plugging your products every chance I get because they work!” – December 2016

Jose P. from Winter Haven, FL:

“Thank you for such a nice product Neal. I was skeptical at first of a charging handle without a latch but now after using it I think it’s a great idea. Your Tripwire is just as nice quality as my Raptor charging handle[…]. Hard to believe I’ve never heard of your product till now but this is my new favorite charging handle. Not only is it functional it also looks great aesthetically to, especially with my 2a Armament upper. Thanks again, Jose P.”

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2 reviews for Tripwire15-22

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gabriel Beatty (verified owner)

    Perfect replacement for the plastic 15-22 handle. Fit and finish are great and lockup in the upper is tight.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Matt Amodeo (verified owner)

    I got this early on through reddit. It feels way better than the original plastic handle, and it’s got a little more to grab on to. If put about 100 rounds through my 15-22 and have no issues.

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