Tripwire 7.62


Latchless ambi upgrade for your large frame AR. Please read the compatibility notice on the product description pages.

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COMPATIBILITY NOTICE: This Tripwire handle utilizes our generation 4 heavy duty spring assembly and automatically-engaging latch made of engineering-grade polymer in order to ensure full compatibility with all types of upper receiver materials (aluminum, polymer, glass or carbon fiber reinforced, etc) and reliable locking with all calibers, silencers, and firing modes. The polymer latch is incredibly resistant to sliding friction and, unlike aluminum or steel latches, will not wear down the upper receiver’s latch locking point over time.

However, if the polymer latch is first mated to a brand new aluminum upper with a latch locking point that is not deburred, the polymer latch may bind on the sharp / hard edge. Please check your upper receiver by running your finger along the latch locking point and feeling if there is a sharp edge (i.e. not deburred). We recommend wearing in the upper receiver with a standard charging handle until the sharp edge is slightly rounded or asking a gunsmith to very lightly deburr that edge. A small diamond file and one minute of work will accomplish the task.

If you fail to notice the sharp edge and the latch binds upon installation, we can either send a new latch your way (at no fee) or provide a prepaid return label for latch replacement at our facility.

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Midnight (black), Sand (FDE), Earth (brown), Concrete (gray), Jungle (OD Green)


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