R3 Universal Scope Throw Lever


There are alternatives...but this one doesn't compromise. Designed to enable one-finger zoom changes, R3 is an attractive, low profile, carbon fiber throw lever that's inexpensive enough to mount on every scope you own. It fits nearly everything, even scopes with zoom rings that have a raised hump (like the PA 1-6x scope, as seen in the first picture) or otherwise non-circular profiles. It's super lightweight, yet bombproof. Unlike old-school cat tail levers, it's extremely low profile and won't get caught on extraneous objects, but it still has the right amount of surface area to quickly switch zoom levels with only one finger.
  • A modern-looking throw lever that's inexpensive, rugged, and allows fast and accurate changes of a scope's zoom ring
  • Compatible with nearly all scopes through our unique, ratcheting, low-profile mounting ties
  • Unlike competing "universal" throw levers, when the R3 is mounted according to directions, our super-tight locking system provides zero slippage of the throw lever even under combat use
  • Includes one R3 throw lever and two nylon, high-temp and UV-treated,  140lb tensile strength, low-profile mounting ties (one extra in case you decide to mount the lever on a different scope)
  • Height added to scope zoom ring: +/- 0.5 inches
  • Lever made entirely of carbon fiber composite through laser sintering
  • Lifetime, no questions asked warranty included
  • Designed by a USMC combat veteran who served in a Scout-Sniper unit and enjoys precision rifle shooting.
  • Law enforcement, first responder, military, and veteran discounts available